Sydney council – they have an extensive section dedicated to their policies on journalism. The Sydney Council is also where Kings Cross is so all council policies regarding each part of my assignment are under Sydney City Council.

Sydney morning herald article – this Sydney morning herald article elaborates extensively on Kings Cross’s problems presently, which is what i highlighted int he video that i have made.

Sydney Injection Site – this is the website official website for the safe injection room in kings cross is clearly states their aim and the groups that have supported the injection site. Along with this is says the names of the workers which assisted me in getting my interview.

Drug Salvage – This site gives the basics about Heroin abuse that came useful when I was researching the Injection Centre and also helped me understand Heroin addiction even more. It gives the historical background to heroin and the symptoms of withdrawal.

Kings Cross – This site gave me a basic description of Kings Cross, its attractions and the reputation the Suburb has for being a red light district and the capitol of Sydney’s night life.

Aussie Legal – This website describes legalized prostitution not in Australia but specifically to New South Wales it specializes in Legal Prostitution in New South Wales in regards to brothel operation. It gives examples of Supreme court orders and police powers regarding the issue.

NSW prostitution – This website is a paper that focuses on the impact of the deregulation of prostitution and the effects that this is had on women now that the crime in legal. The article that has been written by a law professor at New South Wales University offers a good insight into prosituties and how their lives have changed since the new law.

Powerbomb – This website is a gallery of the best and most acknowledged of graffiti works in the city of Sydney plus other areas of Sydney. The site helps assist in gaining an understanding that many works of graffiti are indeed very creative and to show that many of these works should indeed be classified as works of art.


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