Vox Pops from the Cross

I have asked 5 people who visit the Cross regularly 2 questions:

Vox Pops

1.Are you exposed to many drugs and prostitution when you are in the cross any more?

2. Would you say that the danger with the cross is now in binge drinking.

Emily Darragh

1. No, well I am very aware that there are heaps of drugs cause it’s Kings Cross

2. I think it’s that and drugs as well.

Arianna Kokkinakis

1. I only notice the prostitutes if I am sober, and even then it is hard to distinguish between prostitute and the general public because these days people have no taste at all and seem to borrow outfits from the ganger’ down the street.

2. In regards to drugs I haven’t been approached recently by anyone selling drugs.

Hayley Levick

1. Drugs but no prostitutes

2. Both that and drugs.

Mark Pearson

1. Yes on average every 10 minutes.

2. No – it is more about drug intolerance with the youth.

Amelia Roberts

1. Yes exposed to Drugs

2. There is a large amount of Binge Drinking


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