Profile: Police Officer in Kings Cross

This included shorter profile has been added because i found it gave me a great insight into a police officers role in Kings Cross.

Sargent Gary Koshcel guves his personal opinion on the Injection Site.

As a police officer you must know the streets of kings cross better then anyone would you say that since the opening of the injection site that there has been a significant drop in syringes in the streets?

I would have to say yes, bare in mind I wasn’t here in 2001 I arrived here in 2007 been here for 2 yrs having worked here previously in the 70s I would think on the street significant drop of drug affected people.

Do you think that the site has been a success?

Statistics would tell you if ask them that they would tell u it’s a raging success. market reduction in availability and supply, and the affect that u cant overdose the choice of drug they wish to inject has changed a lot, we have now gone into brown heroin, most people are ice injectors it has market impact , overdose reduce, I cannot tell u the last person we put in here that was deceased that over dosed.

Do you think the site has drawn in even more negative attention to kings cross and brought in further problems?

I’m not suggesting that there r more people coming here, I wouldn’t believe that to be a truthful answer, why would you come cross if you can purchase within 10 minutes from your home, people come to cross for the occasion and the availability to continually drink for 24/7. I think we are getting repeat users. Suburban availability is just as available as it would b at the Cross.


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