Article: Prostitution: The Street or Brothels?

The decriminalization of prostitution has been a much controversial move amongst many Australians however are women more protected in legalized brothels.

Australia; one of the world’s most liberal countries in regards to prostitution. In states such as New South Wales street prostitution and brothels are deemed legal under the Summary Offenses Act 1988.

The heartland of New South Wales brothels and street prostitution lies in the central Sydney suburb of Kings Cross.

Sexual health expert has stated that the legalization of brothels is a “good move because the profession is a profession that has happened for many years and because it’s going to happen anyway at least it can happen in a safe environment and can be regulated and women are then exposed to less abuse as they would because they are protected within legalized brothels. They offer a safer environment in being on the streets, there are still risk factors. It’s still not a completely safe environment.”

Sydney brothel manager Tiffany’s girls reaffirms that they offer a safe environment for workers.

If this is so how come there is still much hesitation towards the legalization. The answer is because many people still feel that there are still much too many risks working in brothels. How safe is a worker in brothels?

Prostitutes in general a sexual health worker says often have a very troubled life, she states “Many of these women have already had a history of childhood abuse they are often very dis empowered women and are also involved in drugs and alcohol. They are involved in prostitution to supplement their abuse.”

In a question of whether women are indeed safer in brothels then on the streets the answer seems to be yes. As many women working the streets would often face the risks of being “exposed to significant violence” and having “less protection in general” says the sexual health expert.

Tiffany’s Girl’s manager has stated in regards to support from local governments that “we have always had the support from the government.”

While the move is deemed controversial the reality is that a woman is more protected in a legalized brothel then alone on a street.

There is however a lack of support for women who want to change their lives around. Although the governments support safe brothels one would think that they would want to do their all to support women being even safer.

Prostitutes on the Street

Prostitutes on the Street


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