Article: From Nightclubs to Injection Centres: The Real Kings Cross

The Front of the Injection Centre

Walking through Kings Cross at around 11 am the reality of the area became clear to me. At night “the cross” is full of life, it exciting, bright and a fun place to be, it’s the place where the youth of Sydney party under the neon iconic Coca Cola sign.

The Front of the Injection Centre

In the day the realities of the Cross is almost heartbreaking. The emptiness of the area is felt almost instantly as I walked out of Kings Cross station and onto Darlinghurst Street. The place I had known to be the life of Sydney was actually a place of great suffering and misery.

As I looked around the amount of drug users was shockingly present. All seemed to be roaming around the establishment that has caused significant talk and controversies amongst Australian society. The medically supervised safe injection room.

The site has been established since 2001 and every few years it is reviewed to see if it is worth keeping open. When considering its success Police officer at Kings Cross Gary Koshcel has stated that its his personal opinion that “Statistics would tell you if ask them that they would tell u it’s a raging success.”

He goes on to elaborate that he “cannot tell u the last person we put in here that was deceased that over dosed.”

A health care worker at the site who cannot be named has also stated that the site can be seen as a success because “it has also achieved keeping needles/syringes off the streets.” This statement is backed up in a recent article in Sydney Morning Herald where Pastor Graham Long states “In 10 years we’ve gone from finding 150 needles a day down to two.”

The injection rooms health care worker however also discusses criticisms of the site; many people believe it is making Heroin decriminalizing Heroin, however it is only decrinialized to use in that governed area they do not supply Heroin to any people. Also in relation to people believing it promotes addiction where she states “It can be seen to be promoting addiction at the same time these people are going to use regardless if the centre is there or not we are giving these people a place to be safe”

With the site being regarded as a success the question remains will there be a need to open another site somewhere else in Sydney. But the health care worker has discussed that it can bring in more problems to the area regarding drug dealings. Officer Gary Koschels however believes that “Suburban availability is just as available as it would b at the cross” and “why would you come x if you can purchase within 10 minutes from your home.”


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