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Background to Kings Cross

Posted in Kings Cross on May 29, 2009 by samanthaauciello

The iconic Coca Cola sign

The iconic Coca Cola sign

A bit on the background of Kings Cross

Kings Cross the traditional heartland of Australia’s counter culture and underworld. It has stood as the front runner as Australia’s red light disctrict for many years but recently, ‘The Cross’ has cleaned its act up with many of Sydney’s other areas now taking the lead as the cities dangerous town.

As well as Kings Cross’s noteriety of being the countries most infamous red light district the suburb also remains the centre for Australia’s bohemian counter culture. Which saw the suburb flourish in the 1960’s.

With this however brought large corruption to Kings Cross. Some of Sydneys most notorius crime boss’s have originated in Kings Cross such as Abe Saffron aka “Mr Sin” aka “the boss of Kings Cross.” The area saw a huge rise in crime and police corruption and a massive increase in heroin use.

From the late 20th century the suburbs main problem was drug related crimes. Nsw government however in 2001 took a stance against Heroin abuse and created the worlds first safe Medically supervised injection room. This lead to a decrease in overdoses and muc less needles on the streets of Kigs Cross.

21st Century Kings Cross is different to the older Kings Cross. Although the suburb still has many nightspots, and Strip Clubs the area has seen an increase in people with aflluent background moving in, thus substantially changing the atmosphere of the area. Finally presently in Sydney it has been noted that they city is in a “Heroin Drought” and whilst Heroin abuse is becoming less of a social issue the issue of alcohol abuse is becoming more prominent in the suburb that never sleeps.


The Current Cross

Posted in Kings Cross on May 20, 2009 by samanthaauciello

The new Kings Cross has its new problems fuelled with alcohol and binge drinking.

Just a while ago a man was beaten to death on this popular Kings Cross street here

Just a while ago a man was beaten to death on this popular Kings Cross street here.

The Cross might not have the hard reputation for drugs and its red light district that is use too, but many residents and police believe that alcohol is just as bad if not worse.

Here is a video i have made of the current Kings Cross with photo graphs i have taken and my voice over.